Boruto Preview Episode 151: It’s time for Boruto to fight Bandit Boss Mujina!

In  the 150th episode of Boruto  , Tentou was kidnapped and nearly devoured by the bandit boss Mujina.

Boruto then comes at a important time and saves Tentou. Now, he prepared to fight the bandit boss Mujina alone!

1. Really, this can be a rematch

In the manga, Boruto fights Shojoji to avoid wasting Tentou, their first duel.

But in the anime, this is really a  rematch . Shojoji used to fight Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki. At the moment, Shojoji disguised himself using Tsukiyo’s identity and energy.

Can Shojoji be Tsukiyo once moreIn all probability not. He appears to solely have the ability to develop into the final particular person he preys. Due to that he could not grow to be Tsukiyo after devouring Kokuri.

However with out the ability of  Tsukikage no Jutsu  , Shojoji nonetheless has different tips, and Boruto will not take care of it simply.

I used to be truly questioning if Shojoji would convey up the dying of Kokuri on this duel. Proper now, it looks like nobody is aware of that Kokuri is lifeless.

2. We may even be proven from Ikkyu Madoka’s aspect

Boruto’s duel with Shojoji within the Boruto  manga  totally presents their battle.

We aren’t proven how Ikkyu Madoka’s actions whose youngsters had been kidnapped.

The Boruto Preview  episode 151 offers a touch that there can be further scenes highlighting Ikkyu.

What is exclusive, Ikkyu was not going to contact the Konoha ninja. However on this scene there’s Sai!

Did Ikkyu change his thoughts? Or did Sai conclude that one thing was improper?

3. It is going to be an adaptation to chapter 14

Boruto’s duel against Shojoji was previously offered in chapter 14 of the Boruto manga  .

So farBoruto  anime  presents the Mujina plot effectively. One episode is actually a chapter adaptation.

Although there have been additions, similar to the looks of Tentou which bothered Iwabe, ultimately the episode ended in accordance with the closing chapter within the manga.

Let’s have a look at if  Boruto  episode 151 will proceed to comply with that sample!

What do you consider this  episode of Boruto preview  151?

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