Contoh Soal Expressing Making Suggestions + Jawaban

Materi dan Soal Expressing Making Suggestions lengkap dengan jawaban. Simaklah dibawah ini :

Suggestion (Saran)

Suggestions dapat digunakan dalam bentuk solutions, saran, rencana dan idea. Misalnya teman anda sedang dalam masalah tidak bisa mata pelajaran bahasa Inggris maka anda dapat menyarankannya untuk belajar bahasa inggris lebih giat lagi atau anda bisa menyarankan untuk kursus belajar bahasa inggris.

Contoh ungkapan yang sering digunakan untuk menyatakan saran (suggestion)

Let’s ……… (Ayo….)
Why don’t we ……… (Mengapa kita tidak….)
We could ……… (Kita bisa….)
What about ……… (Bagaimana dengan….)
How about ……… (Bagaimana kalau….)
I suggest that ……… (Saya menyarankan bahwa….)
You might want to change ……… (Anda mungkin ingin mengubahnya…)
I think ……… (Saya pikir….)
I don’t think ……… (Saya tidak berpikir…..)

Contoh kalimat saran (suggestion)

– Let’s go to the library.
– Let’s go to movies.
– Why don’t you do your homework before going out?
– We could eat at home today.
– What about eating at the new place?
– How about going to Sam’s place first?
– I suggest that we call it a day.
– You need to change your sleeping habits.
– I think you should go and meet her.
– I think we should do it this way.
– Would you like to … ?
– Would you mind going to the city centre ?
– What do you think about going to the swimming pool ?
– Let’s go to the swimming pool!

Contoh kalimat respon dari saran yang diungkapkan seseorang

– Yes, it’s a great idea.
– I agree.
– It sounds great.
– Yes, let’s do that/it.
– Super! OK! All right!

Contoh percakapan menolak dan menanggapi saran

1. Let’s watch football at the stadium
Accepting : yes, Let’s go
Declining : No, thank you I have other schedule, I must clean the house now
2. Why you don’t have breakfast before go to school ?
Accepting : that is a good idea
Declining : I think I will be late, so I will have a breakfast at school
3. How about go to the movie ?
Accepting : O. K it is sound great
Declining : No, I do not have money to buy the ticket
4. I think you should do your homework now
Accepting : yes, you are right
Declining; take it easy my friend, I still have so much time

Contoh kalimat yang menyatakan saran

Fina : Morning Ayu, My best friend, you look bad today, what happened to you?

AYu : oh, it is only a little problems.
FIna : please, tell me, maybe I can give the solutions
AYu : Ok. I feel sad because I do not have money to pay for the college tuitions, I have used my money to buy a new motorcycle
FIna : Oh. You Should tell your parents if you have no money. I think they will help you.
Ayu : I do not think so, it only will make something worse.
Fina : You can lend money from someone.
Ayu : That’s good idea.


Making suggestions

I think we should + infinitive
I think we should use wireless keyboard.
I think we should install new operating system.
I think we should buy new web cam, because this one is broken.

Let`s + infinitive

Let`s find another server.
Let`s try this new video player.
Let`s go to the market and buy new computer equipment.

Supporting suggestions

That`s good idea.
Yeah, why not?
I`d love to.

Not supporting suggestions

Sorry, I don`t think that`s a good antivirus to you.
I don`t like your idea because it will not work on the Windows 7.
Well, I`d rather work in Photoshop than in Paint.
I`m afraid that you’ll have to restart your computer.

Making a different suggestion

Why don`t we use Google Chrome instead?
How about installing Linux instead?
I think we should use iTunes instead.
I advise you to search that in Google.

Ask a questions

What about + -ing
What about using this new version of Skype?
What about cleaning your recycle bin?
What about choosing this new theme for your desktop?

Shall we + infinitive
Shall we install this new antivirus program?
Shall we call the support department?
Shall we backup our data?

Why don`t we + infinitive
Why don`t we sell this computer and buy a new laptop?
Why don’t we replace this monitor with a bigger one?
Why don’t we start a new livestream?


Jack: Why do you look confused?
Bamz: I want to buy a new motorcycle.
Jack: That’s a nice idea.
Bamz: Should I buy the vixion or byson?
Jack: I think you should buy the vixion.
Bamz: Why is that?
Jack: Because I’d like to borrow it.
Bamz: Why don’t you give Jane a call?
Jack: Good idea. I haven’t seen her for awhile.
Bamz: Maybe you should ask her out.
Jack: Hmmm. I’ll think about it.


Jack: Mengapa kamu terlihat bingung?
Bamz: Saya ingin membeli sepeda motor baru.
Jack: Itu ide yang bagus.
Bamz: Haruskah saya membeli vixion atau byson?
Jack: Saya pikir Anda harus membeli vixion tersebut.
Bamz: Mengapa demikian?
Jack: Karena saya ingin meminjamnya.
Bamz: Kenapa kau tidak menelpon Jane?
Jack: Ide bagus. Saya belum melihatnya untuk beberapa waktu ini.
Bamz: Mungkin kamu harus mengajaknya kencan.
Jack: Hmmm. Saya akan berpikir tentang hal ini.

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Soal Expressing Making Suggestions + Jawaban

Exercise: Answer the following questions!

Johny : I’m worried that we won’t have anything to do on Sunday.
Indra : Well, why don’t you come with us playing football together?
Johny : That’s a good idea.
1. The underlined expression expresses ….
A. Expressing satisfaction
B. Making suggestions
C. Making an appointment
D. Giving opinion
E. Expressing sadness

Ery : __________________
Kevin : That’s a nice idea.

Jawaban : B

2. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …
A. Can you show me your plan?
B. Shall we have some music?
C. I think we should visit Tia in the hospital.
D. You are great student
E. I love your idea

Jawaban : C

Complete the dialogue below (for questions number 3 to 5)

Matt: Hey, Zach! Do you want to hang out after work?
Zach: Sure, why not? What shall we do?
Matt: I don’t know. What do you have in mind?
Zach: Why don’t we go to the movies?
Matt: I’m not sure about that, to be honest. The weather is so beautiful, and we’ve been inside all day. How about we try that new roof-top restaurant that just opened?
Zach: That sounds like a good idea. I hear they have amazing views.
Matt: Me too. Someone told me it can be hard to get a table though.
Zach: Then I suggest we sneak out of work a little bit early so we can get one.
Matt: I don’t think that’s a good idea. The boss has been so strict lately.
Zach: Okay, fine. But if we can’t get a table at the restaurant, we’re going to the movies instead.
Matt: That’s fair. Meet you in the lobby at 5:00 pm? We can walk there together.
Zach: Sounds good. I’ll see you then.

3. What did Matt ask Zach?
A. Hang out after work
B. The weather is so beautiful
C. I suggest we sneak out of work
D. I don’t think that’s a good idea
E. That sounds like a good idea

Jawaban : A

4. What was Zach’s suggestion?
A. Go to the beach
B. Go to the Chinese restaurant
C. Go to the lake
D. Go to the office
E. Go to the movies

Jawaban : E

5. That sounds like a good idea. I hear they have amazing views.
The underlined expression expresses ….
A. Making suggestions
B. Supporting suggestions
C. Declining suggestions
D. Asking suggestions
E. Rejecting suggestions

Jawaban : B

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