Materi dan Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Expressing Gratitude

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Expressing gratitude adalah ungkapan terimakasih kepada seseorang yang telah memberikan sesuatu atau membantu kita dalam masalah. ungakapan terimakasih itu diungkapkan dengan mimic atau air muka atau ekspressi yang indah dan menyejukkan, yang pasti dengan senyuman bukan? Karena ini menunjukkan sebuah ucapan atau ungkapan yang tulus dari kita kepada orang lain. setelah anda mempelajari Introducing Oneself and Others Materi dan Soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP. Pada kesempatan ini Materi dan Soal Bahasa Inggris ‘Expressing Gratitude’ Kelas 7 SMP.

Apa saja kalimat yang menunjukkan gratitude?
  • Thank you/Thanks (terima kasih)
  • Thank you very much (terima kasih banyak)
  • Thanks a lot (terima kasih banyak)
  • I am grateful for…? (aku berterima kasih untuk…)
  • I want to thank you for you to help me (aku ingin berterimakasih kau mau menolongku)
  • I really appreciate your kindness (aku sangat menghargai kebaikanmu)
  • You have been really helpful for me (kamu sudah sangat membantu untukku)
  • I just can’t thank you enough (seberapa banyak kata terimakasih pun takkan cukup)
  • It means a lot for me (ini berharga sangat banyak untukku)
  • I can’t repay you for what you’ve done (aku tidak bisa membayarmu untuk apa yang sudah kamu lakukan)
  • My pleasure. (dengan senang hati)
  • You’re welcome. (sama-sama)
  • No problem (tidak apa apa)
  • I’m glad that i can help you. (aku senang bisa membantumu)
  • Don’t mention it (tidak masalah)
  • Forget it. (lupakanlah)
  • That’s what friends are. (itulah arti teman)
  • It’s all right. (baiklah)
  • It’s nothing. (tidak apa-apa)
  • That’s okay. (ok)
Berikut ini adalah beberapa contoh dialog yang menunjukkan expressing gratitude
Dialogue I
Bagus : Arif, I gotta go now.
Arif : But the party’s just started, Bagus.
Bagus : I know. But I have to get up very early tomorrow. Thanks a lot for this amazing party.
Arif : You’re welcome. I may throw another one next week.
Bagus : That would be great. Your parties are famous all around the campus.
Arif : Make sure you are free next Sunday.
Bagus : I will. Thanks again, man. See you tomorrow.

Bagus: Arif, aku harus pergi sekarang.
Arif: Tapi pesta baru saja dimulai, Bagus.
Bagus: Aku tahu. Tapi aku harus bangun pagi-pagi besok. Terima kasih banyak untuk pesta yang menakjubkan ini.
Arif: Terima kasih. Aku mungkin akan mengadakan pesta lagi minggu depan.
Bagus: Itu akan luar biasa. Pestamu adalah yang terkenal di seluruh kampus.
Arif: Pastikan kamu libur minggu depan.
Bagus: Tentu saja. Terima kasih lagi, bro. Sampai jumpa besok.

Dialogue II
Lingga : Hey, Ratu. How are you now?
Ratu : I’m feeling better, Lingga. Thanks for asking.
Lingga : I called your place and your mom told me you got the flu.
Ratu : Yeah, I did.
Lingga : I told Ms. Diana about it and she said she’ll let you take the tests later on.
Ratu : Thanks a lot Lingga.
Lingga : Don’t mention it. And here is the list of topics which were covered last week.

Ratu : Thank you so much. You’re a great friend.

Lingga: Hei, Ratu. Bagaimana kabarmu sekarang?
Ratu: Aku merasa lebih baik, Lingga. Terima kasih sudah bertanya.
Lingga: Aku sudah meneleponmu dan ibumu bilang kau terserang flu.
Ratu: Ya, memang.
Lingga: Aku bilang bilang ke bu guru Diana tentang hal itu dan dia berkata dia akan membiarkan Anda mengambil tes nanti.
Ratu: Terima kasih banyak Lingga.
Lingga: Jangan menyebutkan itu. Dan di sini adalah daftar topik yang dibahas minggu lalu.
Ratu: Terima kasih banyak. Kamu seorang teman yang baik.

Dialogue III
Linda : Hey Anggi, can I ask you for a favor?
Anggi  : Sure Linda, what is it?
Linda : I have to finish this report but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it on time.
Anggi : Don’t worry. I’ll help you out.
Linda : Thanks, Anggi.
Anggi : That’s nothing. You helped me last month so I’m returning the favor now.
Linda : Thanks a lot. You’re a lifesaver.

Anggi : You’re welcome.

Linda: Hei Anggi, bisa saya meminta bantuanmu?
Anggi: Tentu Linda, apa itu?
Linda: Aku harus menyelesaikan laporan ini tapi saya pikir saya tidak akan bisa menyelesaikannya tepat waktu.
Anggi: Jangan khawatir. Aku akan membantumu..
Linda: Terima kasih, Anggi.
Anggi: Itu bukan apa apa. Kamu membantuku bulan lalu jadi aku membalas budiku sekarang.
Linda: Terima kasih banyak. Kau penyelamat hidupku
Anggi: Sama-sama

Contoh Dialog Bahasa Inggris Expressing Gratitude

Contoh 1:

A : It’s so hot here.
B : That’s right, I feel so sultry. It’s because the Air Conditioner is being repaired. it’s broken.
A : Do you have a fan or something else to cool down.
B : I don’t have it. But I’ll try to open the window, hope it will be better.
A : Thank you very much.
B : Not at all.

Contoh 2:

: What can I do for you sir?
D : I am looking for a pen with thick black ink.
C: oh, we have some kind of pens you mean. Wait a minute, I’ll take them for you.
D: O.k thanks a lot.
C: It’s my pleasure sir.

Contoh 3:

E : Oh my god, I will miss my flight if I am not rush to go to airport now.
F : So, what are you waiting for?
E : But my car is still being fixed in garage. I can’t go by bus, the time will not enough.
F : If you don’t mind, I can usher you to the airport by motorcycle.
E : Actually, I am not accustomed to go by motorcycle, it will make my hair ruins. But I have no choice. Let’s go then.
F : Okay, do you have helmet?
E : Yes, wait a minute, I am taking it. By the way, thank you very much for your kindness.
F : It’s my pleasure.


Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas 7 Expressing Gratitude

Answer the following questions by choosing the right answer between a, b, c, d, or e

Complete the dialogue below (for questions number 1 and 2)

Cindy: Oh, I have a headache. Can you get me “Bodrex”, please? It’s on the table.
Tiny: ___________ Here it is.
Cindy: Thank you.
1. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …
A. Of course you are
B. I doubt
C. Never mind
D. Certainly
E. I am grateful

2. You help someone with a heavy bag. They say ”thank you” and you reply ….
A. No thanks
B. You’re welcome
C. I appreciate it
D. I am grateful
E. You blame me

Yozy : Today is your birthday, right?
Dany : Yes, How do you know about it?
Yozy : Have a wonderful day. I have a gift for you.
Dany : Oh my God I really like it _______________ .
Yozy : Never mind.
3. The suitable expression to complete the dialogue is …
A. It is disappointing me!
B. It is not special!
C. I’m very satisfied!
D. You shouldn’t have!
E. You’re too generous!

4. What is the suitable response of expression “Thank so much!”
A. Welcome home
B. You are welcome
C. Come here
D. Come in please
E. go away

Jack : Oh no! I forgot to post a letter.
Rudy : Let me help you, because I’m going to the post office.
Jack : You’ve been very helpful.
5. The underlined expression expresses ….
A. Satisfaction
B. Dissatisfaction
C. Agreement
D. Thanks
E. Dislike

Nicole: Harry, I gotta go now.
Harry: But the party’s just started, Nicole.
Nicole: I know. But I have to get up very early tomorrow. Thanks a lot for this amazing party.
Harry: You’re welcome. I may throw another one next week.
Nicole: That would be great. Your parties are famous all around the campus.
6. The underlined phrase means …
A. The party was great
B. The party was funny
C. The party was poor
D. The party was bored
E. The party was dreadful

7. Rima : Thank you for your attention.
Anto : …
A. You are welcome
B. I am very sorry
C. Please excuse me
D. Thanks
E. Help me

8. Irwan : Thank you for coming.
Anto : ….
A. Sorry
B. No problem
C. I don’t know
D. I don’t think so
E. It was boring.

9. X : Hi, I bought some cookies for you.
Y : …
A. Thanks very much
B. I’m really sorry
C. How are you
D. I did
E. I apologize for it.

10. Jane : Thanks for the drink.
Nela : …

A. Don’t mention it
B. Thank you
C. Sure
D. Sorry
E. Go away.

Kunci jawaban:
1. A
2. B
3. E
4. B
5. D
6. A
7. A
8. B
9. A
10. A

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